Turn Writer's Block Into a Stepping Stone!

          Years ago at a presentation at the UCLA Extension Writer's Program, I promised an audience to teach them to conquer this beast once and for all. Later, another instructor approached me and said "why did you say that to those people? It's not possible."

Poor woman. All she was saying is that SHE cannot break writer's block, which told me all I need to know about her career. In all likelihood a promising beginning, perhaps an award-winning poem. . . Read More


How to Use One Article to Generate Money Five Ways Online.

          Would you like to know one of my winning formulas on making money online from writing articles? This is how I do it: I write an article creating four or five versions of it, I then sell them for use by other writers in the same profession. In fact, that one part of my writing business helps generate enough income to nearly support myself and my family comfortably. Nearly anyone in almost any profession or business can duplicate this formula.

I write articles for CEO's, life coaches and business executives. They all use different versions of one of my articles in their newslet . . .Read More

Why Write a Non-Fiction Book

The two central pillars in effective personal marketing are the establishment of credibility and the quest for exposure. You could have a large business or you could be an independent professional. You could be selling a product or a service. Regardless why you’re marketing yourself, writing a non-fiction book is one of the best ways to achieve those two pillars. . .Read More

Why You Should Take Part in a Writing Workshop

Before you should decide whether or not taking part in a writing workshop is right for you and your writing you should first understand just what a writing workshop is.

A workshop is an educational format where an expert shares information on a focused topic over a short period. . . Read More

Writers Work - Get Paid to Write

Winning Freelance Work, Beat The Skeptic

Before you should decide whether or not taking part in a writing workshop is right for you and your writing you should first understand just what a writing workshop is.

I've spoken to hundreds of editors, employers, and project managers about how they choose a freelancer for a job. Whether they were reviewing job applications or considering project bids, they all had one thing in common. As every one of them started to look at the applications, they. . .Read More

Words Matter

Despite the high volume of e-mail that flows invisibly all the time, there is often no substitute for talking with people. Indeed, in many organizations, big decisions are made only after in-person conversations. Many career people take this seriously. Herein lies an opening for misjudgement.

Present with Sincere Gusto

It is not uncommon to find a white-collar worker who believes that tone of voice and body language are underrated in effective speaking. Some polish their hand gestures and rehearse specific tones of voice because they believe that substance without style is weak. It's not just content, they say, but delivery. Seeking an edge, some even have . . .Read More

Working With Publishing Houses

Publishing a book is one of the best ways to build credibility and gain exposure. Not only can it position you as an expert in your field but it could also open the door to entirely new opportunities just because you are now an author. Indeed, almost any author will tell you the best thing they ever did was publish their first book.

There are three primary options for getting your book published. The easiest way is to self-publish the book yourself, meaning you complete the work and send it to a printer. Done. The second . . . Read More

Write a Novel Out Of Your Dream

Everyone might have a dream, but what would you do when you get up in the morning? I'm sure almost everyone forgot about as soon as they washed their face in a bathroom. What's so important about your dream? The answer is easily made, because I'm sure that you sure had an great experience in your dream something like adventured in the deep jungle, chased by terrific monsters and anything else. And I know that not all of you could remembered all of your dreams. Yes, me too, but I have got some techniques to dig your dream out of your unconscious mind and it will give you a new nice idea for. . . Read More

Write a Personal Essay

Do you know why the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series is so popular? Aside from terrific marketing and unequaled publicity, it is the stories or personal essays themselves that readers love. They are short, personal and teach a lesson or moral. If you would like to be a better writer of the personal essay, just include the following points:

1. Be brief. Many essays . . . Read More

Writing Well for the Web

If you expect your potential clients to read the texts on your site, be especially particular about the content. Writing for the web has its own peculiarities in comparison with common publications. It is known that 79% Internet users just skip over the web pages, but rarely peruse them. It suggests that we should take pains to make their reading useful for them. Do not make these mistakes. Surely the site should make a bright and lasting first impression, but not with the help of the flash, the pet chip of many web designers. They consider flash to be very cool. In fact the visitors of the site can't stand irritating flashes and start looking for the reference to do away with the annoying picture. The aim you make up a flash may be various, freelance technical writing for example, but the reaction to the flash will not be quite adequate. They have opened the page to acquire necessary information and the flash reel is a nuisance for them. The...Read More...

Writing The Article

Just as a builder would hesitate to erect a house without a carefully worked-out plan, so a writer should be loath to begin an article before he has outlined it fully. In planning a building, an architect considers how large a house his client desires, how many rooms he must provide, how the space available may best be apportioned among the rooms, and what relation the rooms are to bear to one another. In outlining an article, likewise, a writer needs to determine how long it must be, what material it should include, how much space should be devoted to each part, and how the parts should be arranged. Time spent in thus planning an article is time well...Read More...



Hi every one. I am Mika Redne. I'm just an ole fella that has to much time on my hands. I'm a web designer/writer. I have been making pages, websites, and writing for about 15 years now.

I've a compilation of articles and short stories that I hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment or contact me for any concern. Thank you!




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